All about the perfect car

We all know that it is a premium brand, which we can not tell negative things, but worth a praise. And that’s the truth, is the mark of Mercedes cars which says: “Mercedes cars and rest.” Mercedes offers comfort on long road, safety, reduced consumption engines despite the fact that on this score have large engine capacity, compared to non-premium passenger cars and beyond.


But clearly it has greater power given that you paid a premium brand, and reward must be to match. Mercedes offers all the luxury that everyone dreams of, and here I mean the price paid vs. what it is offered. Obviously if you want more, you pay more. But we look in history, and to see that more recent personalities or who died chose Mercedes. Of course things change when it comes to Mercedes fans, compared with other fans. But whatever it says whoever, the Mercedes star is king at sea, on land and in the air. As this sentence is true or not, I’m sure that time will we “discover” all!

This subchapter I did not have to tell you if I had not driven these three brands. I can say that I had the chance to manage these brands, and can tell you that all offer comfort, luxury and safety. Therefore there are not only these brands and unfortunately while producers were compromised to increase selling premium brands, which is also true.


Thus appeared the lower grades in the premium brands. Of course fans are racing to support their mark in various ways, but one thing is certain, these premium brands includes what previous generations only dreamed, safety, luxury, comfort and performance to a level that will please you for a lifetime. And I could add benefits, but will say first of premium brands drawback: the price. First a car second hand premium II or III year of life loses up to 20-50% of the initial price.

A car for two years or three, not a used car, if it was in the hands of a person who cares really car, obviously you realize immediately this and if you do not like, looking for another car of the same brand, the same model. Of course if you ask how do you know, looking at the objects used in the car. Meaning: the steering wheel, shifter, driver’s seat, pedals, handles, door, interior, exterior etc. And you realize how much was history and how that car is really worn. Because not all go through day one with a car 4 km or 40 km. Depreciation is higher when traveling fewer kilometers, and the city.

For example, the city can change brake pads to 20,000 kilometers, and if you drive far out of town, to 60,000 kilometers. It is an example that can help you determine the actual wear a second hand car. What is important to note, as a premium car, not worth full price again!

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Celebrity In See Through Clothes

The celebrities from around the world are meeting to discuss various celebrity prom proposals for new albums. Before you go to an event, the celebrities always have two big dilemma: “What to wear tonight?” And “What do I do if there comes another dressed as?”.


And how stars are no exception, here are 20 celebrities who appear dress similar, if not identical, at various occasions. Have cash to buy mountains of clothes to fill the dressings of an entire neighborhood. Afford their unique dresses order signed by the hottest designers in the world. Even so, it has often happened that Hollywood divas to take the same creation.

Worse is when this happens lead in the same day at the same event. Then you can only make fun of the situation and behave as relaxed. In fact, no big tragedy! Each has its own personality and style prints on the clothes they wear and transforms.

Thanks to celebrity status, are allowed anything, only that some refuse to accept that the years passed.


Years passed and fashions changed, but Vanilla Ice’s stuck in his period of glory. No convicted he wants to relive that time, especially if we think that now he is no longer a big deal for the music industry. Pieces of leather, whether we speak of trousers, skirts, dresses or jackets are sexy and bold, highlighting its strengths body. Precisely for this reason, the stars can not get enough of them and reinvents them in other combinations each season.

Lady Gaga, the skins are ideal because they have the chameleonic quality of always being reinvented into new outfits sensation. In this picture, she is wearing a bustier and pencil skirt with exaggerated waist high, assorted leather shoes and leather bag.

Body size is excellent envy the actress revealed reptile leather dress, tight, with plunging neckline and skirt split courageous way up. Peep-toe shoes complete the outfit excellent hot actress, worn Annual Academy Of Country occasion Music Awards.

Rihanna’s sex appeal knows no bounds, and asymmetric leather dress, tight waist, is the ideal outfit for a dinner at a trendy restaurant in Hollywood. Nude shoes fit perfectly here.

Classic dress, black leather is a very smart purchase since it can turn with other parts, depending on the context. Kate has combined it with a classic jacket and wore it at a funeral in London.

All these stars have agreed to post on social networking Celebrities Phone Number. They respond very quickly fans, each message. Fans have to ask questions of celebrity without using offensive words that you ve ban early May and you can not ask questions of celebrity.

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Smartphones and how they help us!


Well I found dear users and readers. Today I chose a theme more common to talk about, namely phones. Today we are proud enviable technology gives us numerous opportunities. Technology is advancing every day especially among phones, and other devices. Today even children under 10 years have in their possession a smartphone each generation, even if not necessary or healthy these devices because they can see things that should not see them or are exposed to various hazards of any kind.2016 smartphones

Advancing phones becoming more and gives us so many useful to us, that we would not need other devices or objects to inform us about different topics. For example we read a book without being in a library, we can do shopping without being in the store, we can find different recipes or we can play, having access to a lot of games or applications. All you need to know is how to use them, how to use them and especially where to use them or to use them when necessary.

Although it gives us so much information, we should not leave them in the hands of children because they do well and they can not concentrate at school or at home when doing homework. But even if your child have a phone last generation, we have a good solution very easy to protect your child and to have good results at school. We created a special application for tracking anyone’s interest or location. With our app Cell-Phone Tracker you can know at any time where your child is and especially if it’s safe in there. This application can be used by anyone wishing to locate someone to know the address or simply is curious whereabouts. Our application is completely free, has many options besides the location, do not take up a lot of storage space and does not contain any virus that can affect your device after a run. The application is compatible with any phone that has Android, iOS or Windows. So if you do not know where is the child, husband, grandmother, best friend or just an acquaintance, aplelati to our application, and it will be useful apple. All you have to do is to have that application installed can be found on our website, to enable mobile data and GPS sis to start looking lens.

As technology is advancing constantly and along every day gives us something new, I thought as application also contain something, namely the ability to do two things at once, to watch the person concerned sis you can play or listen to music or talk to friends. Exclusive only to us benefited from this free.

So with the advanced technology and with our app you can hit the road very relaxed, with a clear thing, you can locate the person and can be found at the same time to socialize, to play or to do different things. The application is very easy to use and does not require long waiting because loads very quickly and provide immediate information without requiring any cost.

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Confide the Whatsapp Alternative?

Confide vs Whatsapp

The new application was built on the idea of protecting privacy.

Confide app increased by 500% in Brazil after a court in this country has banned WhatsApp for 24 hours. Confide is an application encrypted, and messages disappear as soon as they are read by the person you’re talking.

Monday, Confide has, besides text, and the ability to send voice messages. The company hopes that the application to be used in the business environment for information transmission sensitivity or concluding business.

Lately appeared more and more applications designed on the idea of protecting the privacy of users and WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, recently introduced end-to-end encryption.


One of the strengths of the sale of instant messaging app encrypted like Confide is that you can send text messages to anyone with a certain level of description.

In case to be mistaken in sending this message the app now lets you cancel the sending ( ‘un-send’) of this message since it is a user of the application developed for mobile devices and is willing to pay for this action as a purchase within the application (in-app purchase).

This function, called retraction of the message is available, according to Confide, globally and by subscription. This feature was known arrangements paid certain apps, such as Tinder Plus.

The app is available for iOS platforms, Android, Apple Watch, Mac and PC, despite the retraction messages apply only to mobile platforms.

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