Pokemon sun rom- Fan shows how the 2nd generation might look in the game

For example, Albert Chois’s draft would provide for the foot trace tracker to be reintroduced. However, the would work differently. With the help of a footprint identifier we could scan the footprints and assign the respective Pokémon. However, we would need batteries (new Item class), so the feature would not be permanently available.

As another major change, Albert Choi would launch the Trade Center, with the help of which we could trade free pokemon sun. However, do not work directly with other coaches to prevent cheaters. Instead, the exchange would be automatically executed as soon as someone wants to exchange our terms. If the WP of the exchanged Pokémon are too strong, the star dust also changes the balance.

In addition, the design includes, among other things, the so-called Battle Center, in which we finally let our Pokémon against the other coaches. Before that, however, we would have to earn the fight rights: We could run once per five kilometers. Then we pick six of our pocket monsters and are automatically matched with an opponent.

Albert Chois’s ideas go a great deal further: his design includes, in addition to various new items or the PokéGear-named communication tool, the Journey feature, with which we could collect awards. Then there would be the legendary Pokémon of the second generation, which could be conjured by the combination of certain items. Except Celebi. To catch that, we would need special GS-balls, which we could only receive through special events.

Every new version of Pokemon sun romis under the microscope. Because the Android APK can often also read out new features that Niantic has already prepared for upcoming updates. So this time again with the Pokemon sun romupdate 0.53.1. We summarize the key findings from the APK Teardown of Fev Games and the Silphroad APK Mine.

Evolve items for the 2nd Pokémon generation

Under the bonnet, Niantic continues to prepare the large-scale launch of the 2nd Pokémon generation. This is indicated in the current APK among other things the new introduced Evolutions-Items. These five articles, discovered in the code, are necessary for certain developments.

So far the following Evolution-Items have been discovered in the code:

New attacks and forms

A clear reference to Generation 2 are also 38 new attacks and special attacks in the code. Here, however, no DPS values ​​are stored yet, but only the names.

New in Update 0.53.1 are also code lines about Pokémon shape properties. They prepare the special symbol Pokémon Icognito (Unown). The number 201 in the Pokédex is known to appear in the form of letters and symbols.


Also revealed by the Teardown was an upcoming news section in Pokémon GO, which should be anchored by a button in the main menu. So far, Niantic has always put on pop-up messages here.

Last but not least, the references to the upcoming launch of the Shiny Pokémon are condensed. The current APK contains filter options for the Pokédex: Species, Sex, Costume and Shiny.

As always, when the features prepared in the Pokémon GO-APK really go live, only Niantic knows. We will of course keep you up to date.

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Snapchat development

  • If you always want to stay connected with your friends and want to show your creative part, then you must download Snapchat in your device. Nowadays you will find many apps which serve all your daily needs. If you love to use Snapchat, you may want to develop similar kind of apps.


  • It’s not really easy to develop any app but, if you do a little bit of research, then you can easily develop any kind of app. So when you want to develop any app which is similar to snapchat, then you must know all the important features that are commonly used. The main features of Snapchat are taking pictures, record videos, send texts, and also you can use stickers. Every day people are enjoying many different features which are offered by the different mobile app. This amazing mobile app is not only developed just to give their users some fun it also adds lots of value.
  • Snapchat is app for video messaging where users can take photos or pictures, record and save videos and then you can share it with your contacts. Snaps are the photographs and videos which you share with your friends. Every snap you share it has a time limit. It could stay up to 1 to 10 seconds once the time limit expires all your snaps will be hidden from the device. You just need to understand the mechanism how it works, and you will be able to develop another amazing app.


  • Snapchat was first developed in 2011, and this app was developed over a period with amazing features and filters. When you update your app, you will see many new features which will make lots of changes the way you use your app. Snapchat isn amazing app it will definitely help you to become popular, and you will get many followers.


  • This app has added many incredible and new features which makes the experience awesome. With time Snapchat has gradually evolved to a platform where people can message, post content, share videos and also live events. Snapchat has transformed from a simple messaging platform to a social media platform and more than 10 million active users are using this app.


Snapchat functionality:

When you want to develop any similar app, then you need to understand the functionality well. Snapchat users can create multimedia texts. These texts can be photo or videos. This photo and videos can be added with effects and filters, drawings and text captions. You can also choose to send audio notes, and also you can make audio or video calls. Using snapchat hack you are able to add more multimedia.

It just follows few simple steps: User sends a message to their friends, and the message is then uploaded directly to Snapchat servers. The receiver gets a notification once the message arrives. After the receiver checks the photo the timer starts to go down. The app always deletes all the temporary copies of snaps taken. Snapchat servers destroy the temporary files. But the message does stay up for 30 days for the recipients to view and then it gets deleted automatically.

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Atmospheric processes and purification equipment

For protection against atmospheric pollution, air laden with dust cyclones, in accordance with regulations in force, it must be cleaned of dust which is then discharged into the atmosphere. In case of transport in a technological purpose dust separator role it is to come off the transported material from the air stream to be discharged into the atmosphere free.


Cyclones aimed at capturing particles and substances released their evacuation from the room space. They are made to eliminate the danger of illness of workers wearing protection equipment, electrical and electronic equipment protecting existing sectors and to recover precious substances in order to reuse them. When designing cyclones is important to know both the nature and quantity of substances released, and the range of particle sizes especially of the fine, which is not deposited, maintaining suspended in air.

Because the development and exploitation of cyclones involve high costs, it is necessary to try first as the technological processes to reduce the amount of dust released, possibly to work with materials that produce less hazardous dust. Cyclones have a use in all areas of dust collection and are used either as single devices or mounted batteries. Dust centrifugal separation is not unlimited. It starts by calculating the maximum limit that is deemed, under this limit dust can no longer be detained. Cyclone separator with a deficiency is initially admitted, but whose cost is generally much lower than any separator.

Cyclone is a device patented in the late XIX century. He is best known separator. Cyclones are devices that use the principle of centrifugal treatment. Centrifugal force arises tangential introduction of an air stream in a conical or cylindrical tube. These devices are the most common devices used for dusting rough in practice. Cyclone consists of a cylindrical shell sheet, finished at the bottom with an outlet cone with dust. Inside the shell there is a cylindrical tube exhaust clean air. Dust-laden air is introduced tangentially into the upper mantle thus gaining a move after a downward spiral. Due to centrifugal force, the solid particles are projected on the walls of the shell are braked in motion and then flow toward the lower cone, fresh air coming through the central inner tube. Entry and exit gas is faceprin top. Dust exhaust is at the bottom where the cyclone is provided with a bunker that having a large inclination to the axis orozontala. Dust in the bunker is under the action of gravity. To ensure an effective treatment, contaminated air in cyclone edge should execute at least two complete revolutions around the central tube.

In general, every company producing filter materials has employees who deal with issues directly related to the theory of filtration materials produced in the company. Installations for air of dusting using textile filter bags in the form of cylindrical or flat surfaces called bag house, present widely used in industry wet.

Cyclones or electrostatic separators with local conditions Where claim a high degree of retention of dust (zone residential or industrial areas where dust is harmful even in small quantities activity), often resorting to bag house, which if correct operation give very good results. Filters characteristics differentiate themselves through working parameters: flow temperature, humidity and gas chemical action, and by the possibility of cleaning clogged filter surfaces and the way products evacuation retained. Also intervening factors of efficiency and economy.

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GO Pokemon game that three days after launch is one step to emulate Twitter

Pokemon GO, the new mobile game released by Nintendo, has become one of the most downloaded applications in the world, with millions of installs in less than a week. Pokemon games first appeared in Japan in 1996 and were intended to console Nintento.

Players trying to capture monsters and prepare them for upcoming battles with other opponents. With time, the franchise has expanded, and now the company manufactures including board games or toys. “Pokemon GO” bring the game world to the real world using technology called augmented reality, writes The Wall Street Journal. The game is like a treasure hunt. Once users download the application, they use geo location coordinates where there is the phone’s camera to capture virtual monsters that appear in real places around. For example, we know that monsters living near rivers, lakes or oceans.


Captured monsters can be used in battles with other users. Nintendo has avoided to enter the mobile gaming world free up some time ago, when the company thought that this may decrease the portfolio of games. Focused on the business model based on consoles and in March this year launched the first smartphone app “Miitomo” writes The Wall Street Journal.

The “Pokemon GO” was inspired first joke he made a company April 1, 2014 when the Pokemon monsters hidden in the maps from Google Map, said team member Niantic, Masashi Kawashima. Some police departments have warned users of the app “GO Pokemon” we should be careful around them when they play. “We have confirmed at least one robbery today in the United States where it is believed the suspects targeted victims via smartphone app,” wrote California police official Facebook page of the institution.

Americans walked on the streets with phone in hand and looking Pokémon.

An augmented reality game, devoted to these characters loved by children, enjoying unexpected popularity among adults in the United States, where he was released last week. Those with impure intentions but quickly discovered how you can use to his advantage. Pokemon Go keeps people glued to your phone, even more than usual. The game resembles a treasure hunt. Scan with your environment until you find cartoon monsters. The goal is to take out his people from their homes and spur them to make the move. Free game, released last Wednesday, gave some ideas unclean. More young people of Missouri were arrested after using the geolocation function of the application, to attract the other users in a sheltered spot of their choice. Afterward, they robbed under threat of a gun. All were handcuffed. Kids are among the biggest fans of the new game. The police have advised parents to supervise their children carefully when they play Pokemon Go, due to the high risk of being injured or hit by a car when crossing the street.


Pokemon Go, a game that makes sense

Most of young people today have childhood with cartoons like Pokemon, and now there is a mobile game called http://pkgocheats.com/, which makes hysteria among young people and others. I downloaded and i will tell you more about this game. Pokemon Go is a game that puts you and made the move, so it is not be kind of game that takes children in homes with eyes glued the screen, but he takes them out. All eyes glued to the screens. That is because the game involves exploring relying on a real map, probably in Google Maps and find Pokemon as happen in cartoons. Pokemon Go developer wants to launch soon the game in about 200 countries and regions. This information has caused an increase in Nintendo shares by 10%, the advance of rating 86% last week, according to Reuters. Nintendo went amount of 34 billion dollars, reports The Independent. Although the application can be downloaded free of advertising revenues it generates daily 1.6 million, according the estimates made by company specialized Sensor Tower. Huge profits, however are shared by multiple companies, including Apple and Google, receiving a percentage of sales because the application is downloaded from their virtual stores, Niantic (developer and distributor of the game) and Nintendo, which owns a thirst of the company Pokemon.

Besides the direct beneficiaries, there are other companies that have increased earnings thanks to the success of this game. A pizzeria manager from New York blames the rush Pokemon in city streets that sales have increased by 30%. Pokemon Go was released on July 6 in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and this week in Germany, before launching across Europe. In the US, the game became the most successful mobile application in history, with 21 million active users per day. Some users get their mission to find Pokemon too seriously. A man confessed as the game continued after she was stabbed in the street, and another that did it while his wife was born the third child. Also, there have been calls for players not to enter after Pokemon in the US Holocaust Museum or in police stations and private properties. Launch the game has delighted Pokemons fans of the franchise, but also attracted new users. Pokemon Go is taking the world and more and more  owners of smartphones will try it. After the release of the game Pokemon Go video gamers seem to be willing at all to catch a Pokemon.

This game could prove sometimes dangerous. Just days after the launch, funny videos were posted on social networks. On Friday, a general stampede occurred in Central Park in New York. Hundreds of people gathered in the park that famous American to capture a Aqualia, a rare and elusive Pokemon. The driver of a car, abandoned the vehicle on the street, leaving the engine running because he was rushed to go in search of the Pokemon. According to a witness who shot those pictures, which appears in the video did not mean much compared to the frenzy of the first people who were looking Pokemon launched Aqualia. According to that witness, those users of the game were “unleashed”.

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All about the perfect car

We all know that it is a premium brand, which we can not tell negative things, but worth a praise. And that’s the truth, is the mark of Mercedes cars which says: “Mercedes cars and rest.” Mercedes offers comfort on long road, safety, reduced consumption engines despite the fact that on this score have large engine capacity, compared to non-premium passenger cars and beyond.


But clearly it has greater power given that you paid a premium brand, and reward must be to match. Mercedes offers all the luxury that everyone dreams of, and here I mean the price paid vs. what it is offered. Obviously if you want more, you pay more. But we look in history, and to see that more recent personalities or who died chose Mercedes. Of course things change when it comes to Mercedes fans, compared with other fans. But whatever it says whoever, the Mercedes star is king at sea, on land and in the air. As this sentence is true or not, I’m sure that time will we “discover” all!

This subchapter I did not have to tell you if I had not driven these three brands. I can say that I had the chance to manage these brands, and can tell you that all offer comfort, luxury and safety. Therefore there are not only these brands and unfortunately while producers were compromised to increase selling premium brands, which is also true.


Thus appeared the lower grades in the premium brands. Of course fans are racing to support their mark in various ways, but one thing is certain, these premium brands includes what previous generations only dreamed, safety, luxury, comfort and performance to a level that will please you for a lifetime. And I could add benefits, but will say first of premium brands drawback: the price. First a car second hand premium II or III year of life loses up to 20-50% of the initial price.

A car for two years or three, not a used car, if it was in the hands of a person who cares really car, obviously you realize immediately this and if you do not like, looking for another car of the same brand, the same model. Of course if you ask how do you know, looking at the objects used in the car. Meaning: the steering wheel, shifter, driver’s seat, pedals, handles, door, interior, exterior etc. And you realize how much was history and how that car is really worn. Because not all go through day one with a car 4 km or 40 km. Depreciation is higher when traveling fewer kilometers, and the city.

For example, the city can change brake pads to 20,000 kilometers, and if you drive far out of town, to 60,000 kilometers. It is an example that can help you determine the actual wear a second hand car. What is important to note, as a premium car, not worth full price again!

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Celebrity In See Through Clothes

The celebrities from around the world are meeting to discuss various celebrity prom proposals for new albums. Before you go to an event, the celebrities always have two big dilemma: “What to wear tonight?” And “What do I do if there comes another dressed as?”.


And how stars are no exception, here are 20 celebrities who appear dress similar, if not identical, at various occasions. Have cash to buy mountains of clothes to fill the dressings of an entire neighborhood. Afford their unique dresses order signed by the hottest designers in the world. Even so, it has often happened that Hollywood divas to take the same creation.

Worse is when this happens lead in the same day at the same event. Then you can only make fun of the situation and behave as relaxed. In fact, no big tragedy! Each has its own personality and style prints on the clothes they wear and transforms.

Thanks to celebrity status, are allowed anything, only that some refuse to accept that the years passed.


Years passed and fashions changed, but Vanilla Ice’s stuck in his period of glory. No convicted he wants to relive that time, especially if we think that now he is no longer a big deal for the music industry. Pieces of leather, whether we speak of trousers, skirts, dresses or jackets are sexy and bold, highlighting its strengths body. Precisely for this reason, the stars can not get enough of them and reinvents them in other combinations each season.

Lady Gaga, the skins are ideal because they have the chameleonic quality of always being reinvented into new outfits sensation. In this picture, she is wearing a bustier and pencil skirt with exaggerated waist high, assorted leather shoes and leather bag.

Body size is excellent envy the actress revealed reptile leather dress, tight, with plunging neckline and skirt split courageous way up. Peep-toe shoes complete the outfit excellent hot actress, worn Annual Academy Of Country occasion Music Awards.

Rihanna’s sex appeal knows no bounds, and asymmetric leather dress, tight waist, is the ideal outfit for a dinner at a trendy restaurant in Hollywood. Nude shoes fit perfectly here.

Classic dress, black leather is a very smart purchase since it can turn with other parts, depending on the context. Kate has combined it with a classic jacket and wore it at a funeral in London.

All these stars have agreed to post on social networking Celebrities Phone Number. They respond very quickly fans, each message. Fans have to ask questions of celebrity without using offensive words that you ve ban early May and you can not ask questions of celebrity.

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Smartphones and how they help us!


Well I found dear users and readers. Today I chose a theme more common to talk about, namely phones. Today we are proud enviable technology gives us numerous opportunities. Technology is advancing every day especially among phones, and other devices. Today even children under 10 years have in their possession a smartphone each generation, even if not necessary or healthy these devices because they can see things that should not see them or are exposed to various hazards of any kind.2016 smartphones

Advancing phones becoming more and gives us so many useful to us, that we would not need other devices or objects to inform us about different topics. For example we read a book without being in a library, we can do shopping without being in the store, we can find different recipes or we can play, having access to a lot of games or applications. All you need to know is how to use them, how to use them and especially where to use them or to use them when necessary.

Although it gives us so much information, we should not leave them in the hands of children because they do well and they can not concentrate at school or at home when doing homework. But even if your child have a phone last generation, we have a good solution very easy to protect your child and to have good results at school. We created a special application for tracking anyone’s interest or location. With our app Cell-Phone Tracker you can know at any time where your child is and especially if it’s safe in there. This application can be used by anyone wishing to locate someone to know the address or simply is curious whereabouts. Our application is completely free, has many options besides the location, do not take up a lot of storage space and does not contain any virus that can affect your device after a run. The application is compatible with any phone that has Android, iOS or Windows. So if you do not know where is the child, husband, grandmother, best friend or just an acquaintance, aplelati to our application, and it will be useful apple. All you have to do is to have that application installed can be found on our website, to enable mobile data and GPS sis to start looking lens.

As technology is advancing constantly and along every day gives us something new, I thought as application also contain something, namely the ability to do two things at once, to watch the person concerned sis you can play or listen to music or talk to friends. Exclusive only to us benefited from this free.

So with the advanced technology and with our app you can hit the road very relaxed, with a clear thing, you can locate the person and can be found at the same time to socialize, to play or to do different things. The application is very easy to use and does not require long waiting because loads very quickly and provide immediate information without requiring any cost.

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Confide the Whatsapp Alternative?

Confide vs Whatsapp

The new application was built on the idea of protecting privacy.

Confide app increased by 500% in Brazil after a court in this country has banned WhatsApp for 24 hours. Confide is an application encrypted, and messages disappear as soon as they are read by the person you’re talking.

Monday, Confide has, besides text, and the ability to send voice messages. The company hopes that the application to be used in the business environment for information transmission sensitivity or concluding business.

Lately appeared more and more applications designed on the idea of protecting the privacy of users and WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, recently introduced end-to-end encryption.


One of the strengths of the sale of instant messaging app encrypted like Confide is that you can send text messages to anyone with a certain level of description.

In case to be mistaken in sending this message the app now lets you cancel the sending ( ‘un-send’) of this message since it is a user of the application developed for mobile devices and is willing to pay for this action as a purchase within the application (in-app purchase).

This function, called retraction of the message is available, according to Confide, globally and by subscription. This feature was known arrangements paid certain apps, such as Tinder Plus.

The app is available for iOS platforms, Android, Apple Watch, Mac and PC, despite the retraction messages apply only to mobile platforms.

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